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for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Poetry Workshop script

Hi everyone. Welcome to the SIA Coming Home Phone Line, an Intergroup of Survivors of Incest Anonymous. My name is ________, and I am a survivor.

This is the Poetry workshop, we will be reading poetry for or by survivors, sharing our words and feelings, our experience, strength and HOPE. Some of the Poetry might be triggering, so there may be periods of silence and that's OK. (When there is a break in sharing, the reading will continue. )

I'd like to welcome everyone who is here tonight and thank you for coming, especially any newcomers. Are there any newcomers on the line who would like to introduce themselves by first name only? Press *1 to unmute. If there are any newcomers here tonight, please stay after the workshop and we will answer any questions you have.

In order to get to know each other, if anyone would like to, please introduce yourself, and if you want, where you're calling from. I'll start. My name is _________ and I'm calling from the ________________.

Would anyone else like to introduce themselves? (Welcome each person.)

Welcome everyone.

Because this is a workshop and not a formal meeting, we're not required to do all of the SIA readings, but we do need to read the 12 Guidelines for Safe Sharing.?Is there anyone who would like to read the Guidelines tonight?

(Thanks, _______. Please go ahead)


Thanks again, ______.

We can take up to 3 pieces of poetry including shaped narratives/journal entries, excerpts from stories, words to or from survivors. Each Reader gets ____ minutes.
(Alterntivly we can take poetry related topics to discuss) Does anyone have a piece of poetry they would like to read? (Please tell the title or topic of the piece.) Or does some one have a topic related to poetry? (moderator can use a back-up poetry collection, preferable SIA poetry)

Again, because this is a workshop and not a regular meeting, everyone's welcome to share multiple times tonight. I will ask, though, that if you have already shared that you wait briefly before requesting to share again to allow anyone who has not shared to have the time to do so.

At this Poetry Club we will not reread Guideline 4: Non-SIA Literature for Non-SIA literature. Also readers can request or allow feedback on their poetry.

Please limit your shares to 5 minutes?(as determined by the workshop?s group conscience).

Would someone volunteer to be our?Spiritual Timekeeper?

(If someone volunteers, thank them and say: At four minutes, the Timekeeper will say "One Minute." At the end of five minutes, they will say, "Time." Please acknowledge when you hear the Timekeeper.

OK. We'll self-time for 5 minutes then.

OK, again, I do need to give a trigger warning before poetry. There are words, that may be triggering.


One final note before sharing: Please try to remember to keep your phone muted except when reading or sharing. To mute and unmute, press *1, or you can unmute by pressing *1 then use the mute button on your phone.

Who would like to begin sharing?

Please go ahead ______________. We are self-timing for 5 minutes (or we do have a time keeper tonight).

(Who would like to go next,share or read some poetry)

(At about 15 minutes before end)

Now it's time for the?Next-to-the-last Share.?Is there anyone who has not shared yet who would like take the Next-to-the-last Share? (Is there anyone who would like to take a second share?)

The Last Share of the Day is reserved for a Newcomer. A Newcomer is someone who has shared 6 or fewer times on the line. Is there a Newcomer who would like to share tonight? (Is there anyone who would like to take the last share??


I want to thank everyone who showed up tonight. Thanks to everyone (who read (poetry) ________ ,) everyone who shared, (our timekeeper) and all who held space by listening.

A gentle reminder: The words expressed here were strictly those of the one who gave them. Take what you liked and leave the rest.

Remember, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here.

For all those who would like to join me in saying the?Serenity Prayer, please press *1 to unmute.

Higher Power. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


I would like to welcome any Newcomers. Are there any Newcomer questions?

Now it's time for announcements.

On the Coming Home Phone Line, there are daily meetings or workshops, morning, afternoon and evening. For information about meeting topics, times, and which meetings have moderators, please go to the website,

What to do if the moderator is unable to be present: Anyone may start the SIA meeting if the scheduled moderator is unable to do so. As long as someone is willing to read The 12 Steps, one Tradition, and the 12 Guidelines for Safe Sharing an official meeting can take place. The readings and the meeting script are on the Coming Home Phoneline website.

We are still in need of moderators. Please consider doing service by moderating an orphan meeting.

There is a meeting scheduled for ______________________ (mention next meeting this day, and say if there is/is not a moderator).

Are there any other announcements or requests for phone numbers or would anyone like to give out a phone number?

Because SIA is a peer led support group, there are no professionals to mediate safety issues that arise outside of structured meetings and workshops on this line. As a result, by unanimous vote of the Coming Home Phoneline Intergroup, it was decided to end all fellowship before and after phoneline meetings and workshops. We realize that sometimes meetings end before all who want to share have a chance to do so. Therefore, attendees of any meeting may continue to share if someone agrees to step up and serve as moderator. After the meeting?s announcements have been made, and questions answered, anyone may volunteer to step in and serve as moderator until everyone who wants to share has done so. At that point, the extended meeting will close with the Serenity Prayer. Please remember, from this point forward, the phoneline is for meetings and workshops only. If you would like to have a back and forth conversation with a fellow survivor, you may exchange contact information and continue sharing offline.

I'm going to sign off as moderator of the workshop now. Thanks everyone.