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My Brother's 50th Birthday

by Susan in Las Vegas


Shopping for a birthday card

Concentrating really hard


The kind I would prefer to send

Is funny big and doesn’t bend


Got mad because again I saw

Dumb cards I wouldn’t send my paw,


Why hasn’t Halmark figured out

Our aging’s not a time to pout


Its still a time to celebrate!

My gosh, another year! Its GREAT!


Its starting once more all brand new

-a car who’s mileage made it to


Zeros all across the row,

And POOF! We have a new car! So,


Although that one did not hold true

Med journals tell us all, we have new


Hope for living far more years

Another half life! So open your ears


No cancer by the age of five o,

Says Living til ninety is likely, so,


If that’s the case, you plan your way:

Five O becomes your starting day.


Dig it; lucky you, you’re here.

Wow, the options!  Check your gear,


Another adventure’s around the bend,

You ready? All packed?  go spend


some time to find whats on your mind.

Be wise, be fair, be smart, be kind,


The past is gone, new life ahead,

Each moment smells as good as bread


Fresh from the oven, steaming still

With butter, mm,  these moments will


Add up to all new books of love

A second, a moment, the cat, or dove


who all together make you say

it was an awesome kind of day


So start your new life with a smile

And dig the joys you’ve earned a while


For many who make it this far they say

Will see that ninety two some day.


Again get off your duff don’t gripe

Your new life s here not down the pipe


Dig out the ‘horn, the drums, the tent

Aim for the moon or aim for ghent


Its great to be alive today

Go dance! Do art! Or write a play


Our National Parks are waiting there,

For you to camp and hike and share


Or follow trails of those you knew

Who made today so great for you


In parks, the air, on lakes, on shore

on tapes, C D’s, and even more


the internet will help you find

what ever that your searching mind


is asking you to follow through on

so ignore the silly moron


who still insists that over thirty

is history, is old, and dirty


Instead remember and get on

Old dreams were made to look upon


And one day figure out to pray

Will help you get them any day


What was the dream you had one day

To fish and call it work not play


Or maybe what your new dream now

Is figuring the simple how


To lie in bed all day and read

Your favorite comic books? In deed



Its not too hard to really make

Your birthday happy, not some fake


So much to count as all success

Just try to count them: can you guess


How many things will constitute

Your wealth? I bet you cant compute


How much you have to thank God for.

I started a list: just thee or four


I thought I'd write but look and see

the ones my fingertips could key


all things you could be grateful for.

My list kept growing, more and more,



Your health, your mind, your happy heart

The way you always do your part,


Your friends, your golf, your awesome trees,

Alone could have you on your knees


Your job, your bank account, your car

Or try one day to walk as far


As your car goes although its aged

You’ve got a history, you waged


A bet that it would carry you

To work, to church, to golf, to where you


Find yourself at either age

Just loving life, you turn the page,


And all before you is brand new

There’s not much that you cannot do


If God be for you all is well

So sing that song and ring the bell



 You’ve got it made, so hug her cat

Your sons, and Diesel, you’re where its at;



My dogs are anxious, once again

I think how fortunate I’ve been,


To have a brother just like you,

you drive me nuts, but then, like you,


God made you perfect, that I see,

In some ways, you're a lot like me,


Your traits I like the most I guess

will have to wait, because I've made this pretty mess.


You are my brother and although

We sometimes clash, you have to know


I love you. Hope your heart will ring

The joys that being fifty bring.








And so although its getting there late

Your Sister loves you and you rate.