Survivors of Incest Anonymous
Coming Home Phone Line
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Call  1.712.432.8808     
Access code 742247#

Press *1 to mute and unmute

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IFS workshop

Welcome to the SIA Coming Home Phone Line, an Intergroup of Survivors of Incest Anonymous. My name is __________.

This meeting is for adults of any gender identity who were abused as children. SIA is an anonymous fellowship. Everything that is said here in the telephone meeting, and member to member, must be held in confidence. When we feel safe, we can honestly share what’s in our hearts, which is how we truly help each other in SIA.

Please keep your phone muted except when reading or sharing. To mute and unmute press*1 on your phone. Also, due to phone line sound issues, only the moderator thanks the reader or speaker.

In order to get to know each other, let’s all introduce ourselves by first names, and if you want, where you’re calling from. I’ll start. My name is __________.

Who else would like to introduce themselves? To unmute press *1. “Welcome __________.

If you are a newcomer to SIA, we welcome you. At the close of the meeting, we will open the line for any questions you may have.

Because this is considered a “workshop” and not a regular meeting, we’re not required to do all of the SIA readings. But, we do need to read the 12 Guidelines for Safe Sharing. Is there anyone who would like to read the Guidelines tonight? Or, is there someone who can read 1-6 and another who can read 7-12?

This call is about discovering our Internal Family Systems. By getting to know the Parts of ourselves within our Internal Family Systems, we can learn to love, accept, trust and integrate them into a healthier, more manageable Self.

We will be reading from the Self Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss. You can find additional supporting books and material by googling “Internal Family Systems”. Again, the name of the book is Self Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss. I will repeat this at the end of the call.

For those of you who would also like to work with recovery partners, you can find information that might be helpful in chapter 20, page 123 of the Self Therapy Workbook. You can also share your phone number, or ask for a number at the end of the call.

We ask that all shares be related to your Internal Family System & Parts, even though you may use different language, such as Inner Child to describe some of these Parts. Shares do not have to be related to the current reading or exercise. They only need to be related to your own experiences, discoveries, difficulties, getting to know, or interacting with your Parts and Internal Family System.

As we move through the workbook, some of the reading, exercises or sharing might be triggering, so there may be periods of silence. That’s ok. When there is a break in sharing, the reading will continue.

Tonight, we will pick up from where we left off. After the reading, the call will be open for sharing.

Is there anyone with the Workbook who would like to read beginning with _____________? You can pass when you get tired of reading.

Check # of callers on the line while person is reading.

Before we begin sharing, is there anyone who got on the call after we started, and would like to introduce yourself? To unmute, press *1. “Welcome __________.”

A few final notes before sharing: We allow the moderator to thank the last speaker before we request to share. If more than one person asks to share at the same time, the moderator will decide who shares first and will place only one person in the waiting queue. Please limit your shares to 3 minutes. We will self time unless you request the moderator time you. In this workshop, it’s ok to share more than once. However, if you’ve already shared, and want to share again, please wait briefly so that anyone who has not yet shared, may do so.

Who would like to begin sharing?

Thank you ___________. You were heard.

Who else would like to share? If silence, who would like to begin the next reading?

@ 10:15 - The next to last share is for anyone who has provided service at the meeting, or who did not have a chance to share. Is there anyone who would like to take the next to last share?

The last share of the evening is the newcomer share. A newcomer is someone who has shared 6 or fewer times on this phone line. Is there a newcomer who would like to share, or simply come on the line to introduce themselves?

A gentle reminder, the opinions expressed here, are strictly the opinion of the person who gave them. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

For anyone who didn’t catch it at the beginning, we are reading from the Self Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss. There is a companion book called Self Therapy by Jay Earley. You can also google Internal Family Systems for additional books, YouTube videos, articles and other supporting IFS materials.

We will do a Group Conscience on our 4th call, May 13th. We can talk about the pace of our call, length of shares, ways we may want to tweak the call, and any other issues then.

Are there any questions?

Are there any requests for phone numbers, or anyone who would like to give out their phone number?

I want to thank everyone who showed up tonight. Thanks to everyone who read or shared, and to all who held space by listening. I hope you will all join us next week

Because SIA is a peer led support group, there are no professionals to mediate safety issues that arise outside of structured meetings and workshops on this line. As a result, by unanimous vote of the SIA Coming Home Phone Line Intergroup, it was decided to end all fellowship after phone line meetings and workshops.

We realize that sometimes meetings end before all who want to share have a chance to do so. Therefore, attendees of any meeting may continue to share if someone agrees to step up and serve as moderator. Anyone may volunteer to step in and serve as moderator, until everyone who wants to share has done so. At that point, the extended meeting will close with the Serenity Prayer. Is there anyone who would like to moderate the after-meeting? Thank you _________, we’ll close with the Serenity Prayer and then you can take over.

For all those who would like to, please join me in closing our workshop with the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.