Survivors of Incest Anonymous
Coming Home Phone Line
for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Call  1.712.432.8808     
Access code 742247#

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You are not to blame, and you are not alone.

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The SIA Coming Home Phone Line is a free phone conference line for meetings and workshops for survivors of incest and childhood sexual abuse.
  No predators are allowed.
  We need moderators, co-moderators and back-up moderators.
If the regular moderator is not present, any member of the line who has been participating for at least 3 months, and has no record of safety violations may step up to moderate the meeting, using the open-share script that's on our website. The format and readings can be found on this website. Also please be advised an official SIA meeting can take place as long as the 12 Steps, 1 Tradition, and the 12 Safety Guidelines are read before sharing begins.

For all meetings, call 1.712.432.8808
  access code 742247#

Newcomers: before participating in a meeting. Please read the 12 Guidelines for Safe Sharing under the tab at the left of this page. Thanks.

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Schedule (updated: )
Sunday 10:00 am ET 12 Steps And 12 Traditions (Moderator) 12:30 pm ET Open Share (Moderator) 4:30 pm ET Healing our Relationship to Money and Prosperity (Moderator) 6:30 pm ET Incest Recovery and Parts Work (Moderator) 9:00 pm ET Self Help Techniques With EMDR Workshop (Moderator) Monday 8:00 am ET One-Hour Morning Check-in (Moderator) 11:30 am ET Step Study Meeting (Moderator) 6:30 pm ET The Tao of Fully Feeling workshop (Moderator) 9:00 pm ET On the Threshold of Hope (Christian focus) (Moderator) Tuesday 11:30 am ET Tradition Study (Moderator) 6:30 pm ET Workshop: Accessing, Healing and Transforming Traumatic Memory Somatically (Moderator) 9:00 pm ET All Colors of the Rainbow: Lgbtq+ survivor's support (Moderator) Wednesday noon ET DID, Multiplicity and internal fragmentation (Moderator) 3:00 pm ET Monthly moderator support & training meeting (2nd Wed of month) 6:30 pm ET Inner Kids (SIA Literature) (Moderator) 9:00 pm ET Complex PTSD workshop (Moderator) Thursday 11:30 am ET Too Late to Try? (Focus: Aging & Survivor Issues) (Moderator) 6:30 pm ET Eating disorder Workshop (Moderator) 9:00 pm ET Open Share (Moderator) Friday 11:30 am ET Step Zero: Developing an SIA Step Work/Safety Support Network (Moderator) 4:30 pm ET Open Share (Moderator) 6:30 pm ET CAL (Moderator) 9:00 pm ET Covert Incest Workshop (Moderator) 10:45pm ET SIA Conference Approved Literature (no regular moderator) Saturday 9:00 am ET Workshop - The Body Keeps the Score (Moderator) 11:30 am ET Moderators Choice (no moderator) 6:30 pm ET SIA CAL (Moderator) 9:00 pm ET Complex PTSD (Moderator) 10:45 pm ET Moderators choice (no regular moderator) Acronyms CAL - Conference approved literature. Complex PTSD - Complex post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR - Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. SIA - Survivors of Incest Anonymous.