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Intergroup Meeting Minutes 9/18/13

Minutes for 9/18/13 SIA Coming Home Intergroup Phone Line Meeting
Present: John+, Annie, Liz, Kate, Paul

Meeting Called to Order: 10:05 A.M. Pacific Time

Serenity Prayer done & SIA 12 traditions read

New Phoneline Meetings Related Topics:


Motions Passed:


1. Evening phone time slots will be 9:00 – 10:30 P.M. Eastern Time/6:00 – 7:30 P.M. Pacific Time and one  7:30-9 P.M. Eastern Time meeting will be moderated by Liz for a month to see if more meetings should be added in that time slot. Moved by John+; Seconded by Paul; Passed unanimously. New meetings will start on Sunday October 6.


2. All times on the phone line will be opened for fellowship when meetings are not occurring. Further the Guidelines to Safe Sharing must be adhered to and people must be informed that there may not be a person present when they call in. Moved by John+; Seconded by Paul; Passed unanimously.


Additional Thoughts & Commentary on related items

  1. Times for meetings: If the once/week early evening time slot is popular, more meetings will be added in this times lot. John will check with Chrissie about moving the Tuesday meeting to Monday night.
  2. Moderators for the meetings; Annie is willing to take on moderation for the Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday (1st and 3rd Wednesdays of month), Friday and Saturday meetings until additional moderators can be found; Liz will host the first early evening meeting for at least one month.
  3. Possible topic focus points: John+ will get out an organizing letter for meeting topics and days of week for voting purposes (Liz will let John+ know what day she’d like to host inner kid work focus meeting). The topics with the most interest were: eating disorders, debting/underearning; issues with intimate relationships; co-dependency and inner kid work. It was also suggested to start a step workshop meeting that might be as long as three hours on the first and third Wednesday of the month.
  4. New Fellowship periods; new fellowship times to be added; guidelines for safety to apply.
  5. Publicity: Paul reported the contact list has grown to about 120 people; his SIA facebook page is creating many new connections.

Marathon Related Topics:

  1. Times;
  2. Scripts/formats;
  3. Creating Involvement (eg: each meeting on line takes a slot & in person meetings are invited to take slots);
  4. Publicity; and,
  5. Other?

 John+ agreed to put together a calendar; everyone was in favor of speaker meetings coupled with open share meetings; it was shared that we may want to be concerned with safety issues with outside groups coming in and may want to limit the numbers; Paul agreed to be present throughout the day on Thanksgiving and Christmas to assist; Liz agreed to be present on Thanksgiving throughout the day to assist and may be able to help on Christmas too.

Web Site Related Topics:

  • What updates in Contact List and Web Site are needed?
    • How's the calling process going?
      • Any reports from any meetings about issues and/or concerns that need to be addressed


John+ agreed to update all meeting scripts to reflect changes related to topics document and new fellowship periods and new meetings.

Intergroup Recruitment : not addressed

Group Concerns:

The issue of inactive people on the list was brought up and there was consensus that people must let us know in order to remove them from the list.

Other Old Business That Needs Tending to Eventually

  1. Mission statement
  2. Means/methods of choosing which meetings go if the same time slots are requested by two groups
  3. Overall structural concerns

Other New Business?


Meeting Closed: 11:21 Pacific Time; motion by John+; Second by Paul; Passed unanimously