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SIA Phone Bridge Intergroup Meeting

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET

712-432-0926; pin 190373# (WSO Phone Line#)



  1. Opening Procedures
    1. Meeting Called to Order: 6:05/9:05 PT
    2. Attendees:  John+, Mike, Jeanine, Liz, Annie, Paul, Susan
    3. Serenity Prayer
    4. Traditions
    5. Approval of Minutes:  Mike motioned to approve, Liz seconded to approve last meetings minutes
      1. Old Business
        1. Meeting Status
          1.                                       i.     Annie: Saturday Night Codependency Meeting – workshop is coming up in SIA, so we might want to change the focus of Saturday night meeting’s focus, so as not to have 2 codependency meetings per week.  Attendees submitted their opinions on changing the focus. Paul motioned to change focus of Sat Eve Mtg to “We Have no More Secrets” to “We Have no More Secrets, Especially Codependency Secrets”.  This change would cancel the Sunday 8pm ET/5pm PT meeting, “We Have No More Secrets”. 
            1. This change goes into effect as of April 1st.  This will give time to announce and communicate the change to members.
            2. Paul needs help with this Saturday night meeting.
          2.                                     ii.     Liz: Stepping down as GSR from Sunday Meeting, and becoming GSR at Monday meeting.  Can’t moderate anymore on Sunday either.  She can send Paul an email to let him know.
    6. Fellowship Time Structure
      1.                                       i.     Ideas to make the fellowship time less problematic are being discussed at intergroup.
      2.                                     ii.     Main Ideas to include on ballot:
        1. Moderators for fellowship time
        2. Develop a blurb, read periodically, to reinforce what you can and can not do at fellowship.  Possibly add wordage to guide how to handle the situation when someone expresses that they don’t feel safe.
        3. 12 guidelines for safe sharing be read at least each hour or every 30 minutes
        4. Limit discussion topics. Not what can be discussed, but limit feedback on a topic to ~15 minutes.  Also that giving feedback is optional.
        5. Feedback: If a person gives feedback, then all people on the line should be given an opportunity to offer feedback before a second round of feedback begins.
        6. Other triggering behaviors: Acknowledging someone’s share then repeatedly launching into identifying. Not sure the solution but something to discuss.
    7. Outreach
      1.                                       i.     Last meeting we talked about wanting the Intergroup Meeting minutes sent out to members.  Paul can send out with the updated contact list emailing at the end of the month.
    8. Update to Intergroup Website
      1.                                       i.     Changes to Report:
        1. Added The Promises
        2. All seems up to date – all scripts there, Annie waiting for round table discussion questions to put online. John+ will send those to Annie by end of week.
        3. Susan suggested adding a document for newcomers. Annie said this could have its own tab, and said she could work on making this happen.
        4. Paul suggested adding a link for Survivor’s Resources, which can be talked about in New Business.
    9. Changing the 7th Tradition Language for Phone Scripts
      1.                                       i.     John+ read his draft for new language for 7th tradition. All attendees like it, and John+ motioned to change the script. Susan seconded. Passed unanimously.
    10. Intergroup Decision Making & Structure
      1.                                       i.     No official Intergroup bylaws, these are needed. John+ sent out Mission Statement to get us thinking about how to structure Intergroup and make decisions.
      2.                                     ii.     Attendees offered ideas on how to approach this. Paul mentioned using the WSO SIA bylaws and clarify terms of positions. Mike agreed with this approach, using non-phone bylaws, with added detail on phone-line safety issues.  Liz agreed there are some unique aspects of the phone line that we’d have to create our own bylaws for.  John+ offered an approach: break it up into four sections and deal with one section at each of 4 intergroup meetings: Mission Statement, Terms of Service for all Positions, Governance Structures, Phone-Line Issues.  Only one of these topics would be reviewed at any one given Intergroup meeting, making it more manageable to read up on the issue beforehand, and to discuss in the meeting.
        1. People agreed to this and John+ will send out Mission Statement so we each can look it over to prepare for discussion of the first topic.
          1. New Business
            1. Workshop Proposals for Phone Line (Attached to minutes under appendix 1)
              1.                                       i.     Susan described Workshop Proposal 1: Use the book Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, by Pete Walker (non-WSO approved) as the basis of a workshop. Reading through the book in ~1 year, including discussions around readings.  Start at 2 hours for first month.  Wednesday evenings: 12midnight ET/9pm PT.  Wants to read it a subsection at a time. 3 minute shares.  15 minutes at end of workshop for success stories.  John+ motion to approve. Liz seconded. Passed unanimously.
    11. Codependency Workshop. Thursday nights, 11pm ET/8pm PT.  1.5 hours long. Begin with 10 minute reading on codependency behaviors, participants can share. Following weeks participants can share about the behaviors.  “Working with Survivor Codependency Issues”. 
  2. Motion to Close Meeting (7:29pm)
  3. Next Meeting
    1. Old Business: Survivor resources