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SIA Coming Home Intergroup Monthly Business Meeting Minutes for 10/16/13

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 11/20/13; 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time/1:00 P.M. Eastern Time


Meeting Called to Order: 10:04 A.M. Pacific Time

Those Present: Annie, John+, Liz, Paul


Old Business:


A) Thanksgiving & Xmas Marathon update


Motion (made by John+, seconded by Paul, approved unanimously):  Normal meetings that are scheduled on Thursday 11/28 and Wednesday 12/25 will occur. Additionally, at least 4-8 meetings will attempt to be created that are hosted by various meetings on the line and various in person meetings, and fellowship hours will be created and staffed by a volunteer for all slots not covered by meetings.


B) Finalizing Evening Schedule

            Wednesday: Step Study and Workshop:

Motion (made by John+, seconded by Liz, passed unanimously): For the time being the Wednesday night meeting will be two hours long. Each meeting a step will be read in entirety from the SIA 12x12. The remainder of the meeting will be a step workshop. People may share for up to 10 minutes from their writing on any step they are currently working. Additionally, if there is a strong desire for a step study meeting, where the step is read and shared on paragraph by paragraph and question by question, a new time slot will be opened up for a complete study at 7:30 P.M. Eastern and 4:30 P.M. Pacific times.


New Business


Group Concerns:


A) Adapting Morning Meeting Moderation Motion:

Motion (made by John+, seconded by Annie, passed unanimously): The Coming Home Phoneline Intergroup will adopt the same moderation terms of service (3 months) as the morning meeting and encourage all participants to participate in co-moderating or back-up moderating for all meetings on the phoneline.


B) Are Adaptations in Safety Guidelines needed to cover communication between members outside of fellowship and meeting times?

Motion (made by John+, seconded by Paul, passed unanimously) : An addition will be drafted for an addition to the Guidelines for Safe Sharing that includes the following ideas:

triggers are to be expected because part of the unmanageability that survivors experience is living the past in the present; let there be no gossip or criticism outside of meetings if it violates anonymity concerns; emphasize it’s important not to generalize trigger feelings of non-safety with one person toward the meeting as a whole; emphasize the idea that if you’re triggered it’s okay to mute the speaker, and set boundaries about communicating outside of meetings.

John+ agreed to draft this addition so that it could be voted via email prior to Monday’s safety check meeting on the phoneline.


C) Terms of Service & Intergroup General Service Representative (GSR) qualifications.

            Motion: (made by John+, Seconded by Annie, passed unanimously): Meeting moderators

             may serve as GSR’s until a GSR is voted in at that meeting’s business meeting. Further, GSR

             terms of service are six months. To qualify to be a GSR, a phoneline member must have

             done service work as a moderator or co-moderator for a period of three months.




Annie will be gone on vacation from November 17th – mid-December and will need people to fill in for her while on vacation.


Meeting Adjourned: 11:47 A.M. Pacific Time (Motion: Paul, Second: Liz, passed unanimously