May, 2022

Dear moderators,


There is a safety issue on the line.

This applies to any current safety issue, including, but not limited, to extremely violent language.

If this happens while you are moderating a meeting, some tools are available:


1. Always be on the moderator/leader code when you dial in to the meeting. If you do not have the moderator/leader code or you would rather not be on the leader code ask someone else to be on the leader code for you. You may always text Denise or Liz or email them at They are members of the Safety Committee.  

2. Press *5 to mute the line. (In extreme situations this can be done during a share/violation.) If this intruder interrupts, is aggressive, uses profanity in an inappropriate way feel free to mute the line as they are talking.


3. As moderator you are allowed to leave the meeting, especially if you feel unsafe. In the event you are leaving the meeting you should make an announcement such as "The line has become unsafe, I am now hanging up, you are welcome to dial in to the next meeting."  After giving this message you can press *5 and HANG-UP. (If you feel comfortable enough, feel free to stay a few minutes and just repeat this message and *5, then HANG-UP)

4. If you become emotionally hurt or extremely triggered in any way due to an intruder breaking safety guidelines, you are encouraged to reach out for help and support.

When safety issues arise you are always welcome to contact and describe :


1. Date and time incident occurred:

2. The meeting/workshop where it occurred or if it took place in an after-meeting:

3.The names of individuals involved (if you are fearful of naming individuals, please note that):

4. How a member of the Safety Committee can contact you (phone or email or text).:

This safety information is now also available on our website.

CHPL Safety Committee